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AcuTrans Aloft™

Aloft New approaches to your business and document workflow is what we had in mind. AcuTrans Aloft™ is the premiere solution for always accessible documents and media organization and daily workflow processes. continued

Insurance Transcription Services

Last year, around ten percent of all insurance claims paid nationwide were fraudulent. Quality recorded statements are one of the basic tools available to the insurance industry for early detection of fraud. For your processes to be effective it's important to have a quality insurance transcription service that makes sure your recorded statements make it from dictation to transcript in a streamlined process tailored to your industry. Acutrans specializes in managing, tracking, and transcribing all insurance related audio in a secure online environment.

We have had the privilege of servicing many Fortune 500 and self insured companies and handle a large volume of recorded statements. We process tens of thousands of pages each month. Our system has helped these customers save time and money as we handle their claims processes.

Our Process: How we handle your claimant statements

We manage all of your work in a secure online system. While we realize that some in the industry continue to use a physical audio format, like cassette tapes, we require all our clients to provide claimant statements in a digital audio format. The initial cost of new recorders may seem expensive, but we know that in the long run this decision will save you time and money. If you have trouble finding a cost effective digital recorder, let us know and we may get you the best deal possible.

When you've recorded your digital claimant statement you'll be able to login at the AcuTrans website and upload your audio. At this point you'll also be able to create or select a folder that is specific to the claim or immediately upload and choose to organize your work at a later date. The AcuTrans interface is simple and user friendly. All audio uploaded to the online system will be processed within 3 business days which is our average turn around time for insurance recorded statements. We can set up your account so that users are notified via e-mail when a transcript for a claimant statement is complete.

All information related to your claims can be managed on the system. With our advanced tracking features, users can login at any moment and view the progress of a given file, who has had access to the file, when the file began being worked on, or if the file is currently being reviewed by AcuTrans management. We also have the ability to setup management hierarchies and can provide managers with overlook capabilities to help you manage all work related to the transcription of your claimant statements.