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AcuTrans Aloft™

Aloft New approaches to your business and document workflow is what we had in mind. AcuTrans Aloft™ is the premiere solution for always accessible documents and media organization and daily workflow processes. continued

Quick Turnaround Times

Prospective clients should understand that standard turnaround time varies per industry. So when we say quick turnaround times we're not trying to be vague.

Turnaround time for the medical industry tends to be quicker than for any other industry, and since AcuTrans started as a Medical Transcription company we are accustomed to meeting those expectations. Most of our medical clients ask for, and get documents turned around within 2 business days after uploading them to our system. Quicker turnaround times can also be arranged.

For most other industries, our standard arrangement is a turnaround time of 3 business days for audios of an hour or less.

Expedite files and Quality Control

Many of our clients are happy with our already quick turnaround times, but need the occasional rush file. We understand that some files may be more time sensitive than others, and also offer an option to expedite requested files. Expedited files will be given priority and your transcriptionists will be made aware through the online system. Quality Control (QC) files are files that are deemed by our staff to be less than medium quality audio files and no turnaround time guarantee is provided for such files. Our staff will process all QC files with great care and return the work in as high a quality as possible.

Management Tools

The AcuTrans system also gives you real time access so you can track the progress of any transcript. After logging in to your account, you can view the tracking data along with each file and see if the audio has been downloaded, if your transcriptionist is working on it, and manage other aspects of your account. We can also set up your account so you can be e-mailed when your transcript has been returned to your account. That's how confident we are in our quick turnaround timed, we want you to log in at any time and see how quick it really is.

Feel free to contact us concerning quick turnaround times or look around the site to learn about our document management features or other information specific to your industry.