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AcuTrans Aloft™

Aloft New approaches to your business and document workflow is what we had in mind. AcuTrans Aloft™ is the premiere solution for always accessible documents and media organization and daily workflow processes. continued


Document management and business workflow have never been this easy. Aloft brings amazing enterprise features, at a price any small business can afford. No waiting 4 to 6 weeks, how about in an hour? No budget for dedicated IT personnel? No problem! After a short online training session you will be organizing, searching, uploading, and collaborating.

A few of Aloft's many features include:

    Template-based document creation
    Integrated dictation and transcription
    Calendar: Events, tasks, document expiration
    Tasks: Integrated with calendar system
    AddressBook: Manage and search contacts
    Full text search, fast and easy
    Quick access to recent searches and files
    Multi-file download
    Upload multiple files in one easy step
    Upload multiple files by email
    Archive emails into folders via email
    Organize by case, client, topics, folders...
    Secure user authentication
    User event tracking
    Remote access from any computer with a browser
    No expensive software updates, just a browser
    No dedicated IT personnel, server hardware
    Secure file sharing
    Complete management oversight, hierarchies
    Outside counsel, business collaboration

Certainly you expect this to be just for the big guys. The features certainly are, but the price is not. Aloft is an affordable solution, providing you with the same tools and features that before was impossible with your budget.

Ever been out of the office and needed that one file? Ever been in the office and couldn't find that one file? Aloft makes it easy. A full text search from online and dictated documents offers instant access to your data. At a hotel just before the big meeting? No problem, with Aloft you can log on from any computer and instantly access your information quickly and securely.