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AcuTrans Aloft™

Aloft New approaches to your business and document workflow is what we had in mind. AcuTrans Aloft™ is the premiere solution for always accessible documents and media organization and daily workflow processes. continued

For Legal

Aloft provides firms the tools required to oversee and control matter in an organized and efficient manner. Collaboration within a firm and with outside parties is possible, without the use of courier services, outsourced printing, fax machines or email. Documents are tracked at every step of the process, with changes recorded and user access identified and notated. Know who, when and what occurred with every document, at anytime.

Integrated transcription services and firm specific templates allow firms to make the most out of each working hour. Small to medium sized firms can function as if they had a bank of associates at their disposal; with the assurance documents are being processed and returned in a pre-approved format.