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AcuTrans Aloft™

Aloft New approaches to your business and document workflow is what we had in mind. AcuTrans Aloft™ is the premiere solution for always accessible documents and media organization and daily workflow processes. continued

Products and Services

Aloft is a full-featured document management system integrated with transcription abilities, secure file sharing, internal messaging, and many more features. The following list includes some of our basic packages for online document management and transcription services.


Our transcription packages normally include the cost of transcription as well as rush and quality control fees. A majority of our users also prefer a standard format to be used for the presentation of their transcripts which our system generates. Our transcript template can be easily formatted to fit your needs, and basic customization is free with a transcription package. The ability to submit corrections to transcripts requires the purchase of one of our Document Management and Online Access packages.

Specific pricing for transcription varies per industry, however we know we traditionally beat our competitors on pricing for transcription. Feel free to read more about our Quality Transcription or contact us if you have any questions.

Document Management & Online Access

While we strive to fulfill the specific needs of each industry, we have discovered that some basic functionalities are required by most if not all of our clients who need an online document management system. The following two packages can each be tweaked or customized to fit the needs of your organization. We also allow clients to pick features they like and create their own packages.

Basic Package includes:

  • Transcription Package if required
  • Access - Many of our clients need 24 hour access to sensitive information. Access to your accounts will be password protected on a secure online system.
  • Management Hierarchy - This feature will expand your power to monitor work as you setup your office hierarchy online. Managers will have access to documents processed by those they supervise.
  • File Review Feature - Personnel may request a review of documents or transcripts from other personnel in their organization.
  • Tracking Events, Notes Feature, Messaging - Users may add notes to any file. The tracking events will show users the exact path of every file including who has seen the file, if it has been reviewed, if a transcript is being worked on, etc. Managers also have the ability to see this information and can follow-up with personnel regarding their messages and file reviews.
  • Auto E-mail Alerts - When processing transcripts or other projects, an e-mail may be sent to the recipient upon completion of each project.

Complete Package includes:

  • All Basic Package Features
  • Custom Industry Reports - Many industries (Insurance, Legal, Business) require statistical information to help evaluate processes. We develop systems with our clients to help us capture that information on the system as projects are worked on, and then provide industry specific reports to you over time.
  • File Sharing - At times our clients have the need to share sensitive information with outside counsel. The file share feature allows you to provide 24-48 hour access for outside counsel in the form of a temporary login.
  • System Company Calendar - The company calendar can be integrated among different levels of management and among the entire company so that important events or dates that managers set may be reflected in the calendars of others in their organization.
  • AutoDoc Creation - Our system will allow you to input paragraphs or company specific verbiage that you use regularly so you may quickly create formal documents ranging from simple letters all the way to legal binding documents like Non Disclosure Agreements.
  • Collaboration Tools - The online system has a variety of collaboration tools that allow you to setup teams to work on a variety of projects with varying levels of supervision. Along with the Company Calendar feature, the Collaboration Tools can be very effective in providing an easily managed online workspace where many users can work together.
  • Custom Due Date program - If you process a lot of time sensitive materials and need a way to manage your large volume of projects the best solution may be our custom due date program. We allow users to set a due date for the projects they need completed. This information may be reflected along with the transfer of your project to help your organization be more efficient.

Other Services

  • Custom System Programming - Occasionally the packages above do not cover all the needs of a new client. If you would like to use our system but would like to see a specific functionality that is not currently included above, contact us and we can discuss the possibility of expanding our features.
  • Storage and Setup - While some storage and setup is implied in the packages above, users who would need to regularly transfer large files like video or large amounts of audio may be required to pay for bandwidth usage and storage. Fees associated with setup vary per industry and features selected.

Feel free to contact us for pricing information on the services above or if you have any further inquiries about the services offered.